Multi-Account Guide

Tips for managing multiple accounts within Sideqik!

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Multi-Account Managment

Whether you’re managing multiple brands within your organization or are an agency working with several clients - Sideqik’s multi-account management functionality streamlines the whole process.

Easily view and manage the creators all of your accounts are using:

Share information on your creators across your accounts:

  • When you update the Information for a creator in one account, the changes are reflected on the other accounts you manage

  • Easily view what creators the other accounts you manage are working with and what users manage those creators

  • Notes, Payments, and Conversions are visible across accounts

  • Create organization level labels vs account level labels by selecting "share labels across all accounts" in the label manager

Consolidate your organization billing and user management across all of your accounts

  • Instead of separate billing pages for each Sideqik account you manage, you can view the billing and usage for all of your accounts in one place

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