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AWIN & ShareASale Module Guide
AWIN & ShareASale Module Guide

Everything you need to successfully integrate with AWIN and ShareASale

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Sideqik enables Awin and ShareASale clients to effectively attribute creator engagement with their brands. Our integration makes it easy to activate creators with affiliate links and measure the success of their social and conversion data.

Connecting your AWIN/SAS account to Sideqik:

  • Navigate to your account settings

  • Select Integration Gallery and then Configure

  • Enter your Advertiser ID and select Save Changes

  • Navigate to the Conversion module and add the proper Destination URL at the bottom of the page (This is the page you want your creators tracking links to drive to)

How it Works:

Define your Program:

  • Determine your campaign objectives, affiliate commission/ performance model, budget, ideal creator profile, and other details

Creator Discovery and Outreach:

  • Use Sideqik's Smart Search and Forms capabilities to source, vet, and complete outreach to relevant creators for your brand

Onboard your Creators and Assign Affiliate Links:

  • Leverage Sideqik's Creator Portal to begin onboarding your creators and assign affiliate links

  • Through the Creator Portal your creators can:

    • Add payment information to begin receiving payments/commission

    • Complete tasks like reviewing campaign briefs, uploading content for approval, and more

    • Access their custom tracking links

    • View partnership information like performance metrics, commission information, and payments received

Track Clicks and Performance:

  • Click and conversion data from the creators' affiliate links will be shown in your Conversion module and updated daily

Pay your Creators:

  • Once you have approved the transactions in AWIN/SAS, you will use Sideqik's Payments module to easily pay the creators the agreed upon incentives/ commission set up in your AWIN/SAS account.

Report on the success of your Creator campaigns!

  • Sideqik's Campaigns automatically pulls in all of your creators social and affiliate data allowing you to see the true ROI of your creator partnerships.

Common Questions:

How often does Sideqik update the AWIN/ShareASale data?

  • Sideqik updates daily at 1 am EST

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