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Start Sourcing Creators with our Quick and Smart Search features!

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On the hunt for creators and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, Sideqik’s Smart Search has got you covered! Effortlessly source creators according to your specific needs, and set them aside for later use through our Saved Search feature. As our database continues to grow, saved search queries will continue to automatically update with new results, so you never have to worry about your creators going out of trend!

  • To use Smart Search simply head over to your Sideqik account and locate the Discovery tab. Tap on the Smart Search page and click the ‘new’ button in the top-right-hand corner. You will then be prompted to select various filters that will help narrow down your search.

Here are some of the main ones we suggest to new users:

  • “Who Talk About…”

    • This filter will help you find creators based on specific keywords. We recommend adding the names of niches, brands, and any other terms creators might use in their content.

  • “By Reach on Social Platform”

    • Followers are necessary for this line of work, so that’s why we made it super easy to set specific reach standards. Use the drop-down arrow to select a social platform and then enter the minimum and maximum follower counts you want a creator to have.

  • “Who are Similar to…”

    • Do you already have some creators in mind? If so, this feature was made just for you! Here you can link creators you admire or have loved working with in the past, and our database will pull other creators it deems similar to those accounts.

  • “By Creator Location”

    • If there is a specific geographical range you are trying to target we suggest looking for creators based in that area.

Tips & Tricks

Searching for the right creators can be overwhelming at times, so here’s what we recommend for staying organized!

  • Feel free to create multiple searches in order to better align with varying promotions and campaigns.

  • Shortlisting is the easiest way to set aside creators you are potentially interested in collaborating with. After you conduct a Smart Search simply go through the recommended results, and click on the ‘shortlist’ button in the bottom-right-hand corner of the creator's profile preview.

    • Once you’ve narrowed down your recommended results, all of the shortlisted contenders will show up in a condensed list under the ‘shortlisted’ tab.

    • From there you can track internal notes by using the text box located under each profile preview. This commenting feature is perfect for organizing your thoughts and opinions on certain creators.

  • Use our multi-select feature to quickly sort, message, or even export creators (all actions are pictured below).

  • Already know who you’re looking for? Then we suggest using our Quick Search feature! Click here for more details.

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