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How Sideqik Handles Your Data

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As a creator, you can choose to share your data with Sideqik. This helps your brand partners work with you better, and helps them understand the performance of their marketing campaigns that you participate in.

There are two ways for you to share information with Sideqik:

  • You can link your social media accounts with us. This allows us to obtain metrics on your social media posts, as well as data that is publicly available on your social media profiles. It does not allow us to obtain any personal information about you that is not available on your public social media profile.

  • You can fill out a partnership application form with one of Sideqik’s customers. When you do this, we have access to the information you provide on the form.

Additionally, information that you provide directly to your brand partners may be shared with us by them, if their privacy policy permits it.

When you share information with Sideqik, or when your partners share information about you with us, we make it available only to your partners. It is not accessible to third parties that you don’t work with, even if those third parties are also Sideqik customers.

We are committed to good stewardship of creator data. We make these commitments to you:

  • We will never give your data to third parties without your permission. Only your brand partners have access to it.

  • We will never use your personal data to show you ads or sell it to people who do.

  • We respect the "right to be forgotten" and will delete your data at your request.

  • We never post on your social media accounts.

  • We will store and transmit your data securely and in accordance with industry standards.

  • We are committed to full transparency concerning uses of your data. We will always be available to you to answer questions and provide support.

These policies apply to the data obtained when you link your social media accounts as well as data you provide directly to Sideqik. These policies also apply to any information that you provide directly to your brand partners that they choose to share with us.

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