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Get Started Using Sideqik's One-Touch Shopify Integration

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Sideqik’s Shopify integration offers e-commerce businesses the tools and connections to leverage influencer marketing and drive more revenue for your brand. Now e-commerce brands can track conversions directly to their creators and market their stories more effectively to influencer marketing.

Connecting Your Shopify Store to Sideqik:

  • Navigate to your account settings

  • Select Integration Gallery and then Configure

  • Select Add Shop and input your Shopify ID

  • Follow the steps to log-in and verify your store

Note: After you put in your Shopify ID you’ll need to refresh your browser to see the integration in your account.

Conversion Tracking:

In the Conversion Tracking Module, you’ll find an overview of your creator conversions including total revenue, purchases, and clicks for a specific timeframe.

You can also view the top creators and recent events giving you a full understanding of the revenue driven from your creators through the Shopify integration.

Track Revenue in Campaigns:

Through Sideqik's Campaigns, you can track how much revenue is driven from your creators allowing you to dig deeper into the performance and results of your creator campaigns.

Revenue and payments will now be taken into account when generating the ROI for every campaign. Navigate to the Conversions tab of the Campaign to dive deeper into the conversion tracking results of your campaigns.

Navigate to the creator's tab for a break down of how each individual creator performed and the revenue they drove:

Track ROI from Individual Creators:

If you want to view how a specific creator is driving revenue and conversions, you can do so on your creator's profile by navigating to their conversions tab. You’ll even be able to access a list of recent conversions including order details generated from that creator's tracking link.

Creating Discount Codes:

To simplify creating discount codes, select “Automatic” underneath creators on the Shopify integration page. From there, you can choose from different discount templates and apply to your creators. If you use the template, Sideqik will use the creator's Sideqik profile name as the discount code.

If you prefer to customize your discount codes, you can assign those discount codes from the creator's Profile page in their Conversions tab.

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