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Below we will be answering some of your most frequently asked questions regarding Sideqik's data and metric reporting. Please contact your customer success manager if you have any further questions or concerns!

  • What metrics are available in the product?

    • Find our list of supported metrics here

  • How do you define views?

    • Views are when a user is actively engaged with the content.

    • Length the content must be viewed on each network to be considered a view (based on what each of the networks consider a view):

      • Facebook: 3 seconds

      • Instagram: 3 seconds

      • Twitter: 2 seconds

      • TikTok: user views the content

      • YouTube: 30 seconds

  • How do you define impressions?

    • An impression is the opportunity for someone to see your content. The content is loaded on the same page the user is on, but not necessarily directly engaged with the content.

  • What is your method for estimating impressions?

    • Impression estimates are generated by a statistical model, and are based on the profile’s number of followers, the network that the post was made on, and the number of engagements the post has received. In general, higher engagement is correlated with higher penetration of the post among the social media account’s followers, at a rate that is dependent on the total follower count. For instance, larger profiles tend to exhibit a higher impression-to-engagement ratio than smaller profiles. The model has been trained on historical engagement and impression data, and is periodically updated to take into account changing trends in social media behavior.

  • How do you calculate engagement rate?

    • We calculate engagement rate by dividing the number of engagements by the number of potential impressions of the posts (aka the number of followers at the time the post was made).

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