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Partnerize Integration Guide
Partnerize Integration Guide

Everything you need to know about our Partnerize Integration!

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Linking programs will combine Sideqik's social data and Parterize's conversion data allowing you to understand the true ROI of your creator relationships!

Enabling the Partnerize Integration:

In order to integrate with Partnerize, you must first enable the Partnerize integration in your Sideqik settings. You can do this in the following way:

  • Go to Account Settings ➀ Integrations ➀ Integration Gallery

  • Find Partnerize, and click Configure Partnerize

  • Enter your Partnerize Account Information

    • A Partnerize Admin user should be enabling this integration

  • Choose to Sync Creators from Partnerize

    • This will automatically add all Partnerize creators in a campaign into your Sideqik My Creators. (You will have the option to customize this further in the settings below)

  • Choose to Label Creators with Campaign Names

    • This will automatically apply labels with your Partnerize campaign names to your creators in Sideqik so that you can easily find and group the relevant creators together

  • Choose to Enable Form Integration

    • When enabled, your Sideqik Form can be given to discovered creators or embedded on your website and we will automatically create a Partnerize partner account once the creator is accepted by the brand. If no forms are present, review our Forms guide.

      • When enabling the form integration, be sure to visit the Communication tab and update your Approval Email. We suggest adding messaging to inform the creators of the next steps and to be on the lookout for an email from Partnerize granting them access to their account.

  • Campaign Sync Options:

    • Sync All Campaigns

      • This will add all Partnerize creators in any campaigns into your Sideqik My Creators

    • Sync Selected Campaigns

      • This will only add the creators in the specific Partnerize campaigns you select below into your Sideqik My Creators

  • Save and Enable the Integration

If you have any questions regarding the setup process, please reach out to your CSM or watch this quick video!

Benefits to Using Partnerize

  • Track Creator ROI for Revenue and Conversions

    • Beyond social engagement – get a better understanding of how creators are generating conversions and revenue

    • Also track existing events set up in Partnerize

  • Identify Performance Trends by Creator or Campaign

    • Easily identify which creators are generating more ROI for your campaign

  • Streamline Setup for New Affiliates

    • Sideqik forms collect creator information and automatically creates a Partnerize publisher account once the affiliate is approved

  • Process and Track Payments

    • Use your existing Partnerize account to process payments but now track them in Sideqik along with your other creator data

  • Export Detailed Reports

    • Export reports that show a creator's social analytics alongside Partnerize performance metrics

  • Group Creators Based on Partnerize Campaigns

    • Automatically group creators in Sideqik based on their Partnerize campaigns

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